An Amazing Keynote for Conferences and Offsites

Give your audience a treat with a presentation that's highly informative, dramatic, fun, presented in a unique, entertaining way.

Defeat distraction and energy drains. Instead, get real results, really fast with a workshop and presentation that combines solid business content, musical theater, audience interaction, and experiential learning.

How does General Stever Robbins get respect when he’s dubbed “world’s worst Harvard MBA?” Simple: raise a zombie army and take over the world. That’ll show them!

But decaying zombies need refrigeration, and undead brains aren’t their best. The army is in shambles! With the invasion scheduled for tomorrow, what’s an evil super-genius to do? Find out in this two-person musical about personal productivity, zombies, and world domination.

Give Your Team a Huge Productivity Boost!

Stever Robbins, author of Get-it-Done Guys 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, and #1 iTunes podcaster The Get-it-Done Guy, is available to help teach your team how to get more done in less time, and have fun doing it:

  • beat procrastination
  • tame email
  • deal with distraction
  • take over the world
  • ...and more.

In a half-day, customized workshop, Stever will lead your team to address the issues that hold people back from being fully engaged and fully productive.

The day begins with Work Less and Do More: The (Zombie) Musical. Your team will go through the Zombie Army's boot camp in productivity techniques. Then we'll break into a more traditional setting and apply the lessons from the zombie army to helping people be more effective and efficient in your workplace.

Write Now! We'll Help You Dominate The World

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