Get More Done, Have More Fun, Take Over the World!

How does General Stever Robbins get respect when he’s dubbed “world’s worst Harvard MBA?” Simple: raise a zombie army and take over the world. That’ll show them!

But decaying zombies need refrigeration, and undead brains aren’t their best. The army is in shambles! With the invasion scheduled for tomorrow, what’s an evil super-genius to do? Find out in this one-man musical about personal productivity, zombies, and world domination.

Stever, author of Get-it-Done Guys 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, and #1 iTunes podcaster The Get-it-Done Guy, is teaching his zombies to:

  • beat procrastination
  • tame email
  • deal with distraction
  • take over the world
  • ...and more. And he needs new recruits!

Enlist now! Dominating the world is child’s play. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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How to work better has stymied mankind for ages. Motivational keynote speaker Stever Robbins can help! In a collaboration with Joel Derfner, composer, book-writer, and all-around extraordinary guy, he has taken several of the top time management tips from his book and turned them into a one-man musical about how to work better. And zombies. The show is available as a keynote speech or with an accompanying workshop on how to get more done in less time.